Women in Christ (LWML)

Mark your calendar for the LWML swim party and dinner on Sunday, July 30th, at 5:00 p.m. We’ll be meeting at Laura Thomason’s home, 3408 Ainsworth Ct., Arlington. Swimming is optional. They have a hot tub and water volleyball available. The pool is handicap accessible. Bring your own towel. Also bring a dish to share for supper. Election of officers for next year will take place that evening.


Annual Craft Day — A big thanks to all who helped with Craft Day.  Special thanks to Dave Frietag, Maria Frietag, Donna Peck, Carol Rawe, Laura Thomason and many others who helped in one way or the other to make the event a fun time for all. We all learned a bit. What craft could you share at our next Craft Day?



Fall Festival Craft Sale — It’s time to start working on making things for the LWML Craft Sale. With the summer lull perhaps you’ll have a bit of time to craft something to donate for us to sell. Small, seasonal type items typically sell better than large projects. 

Mites-remember these can be brought in any Sunday and put in the offering plate in a bag with LWML on it.

Are you receiving the LWML Mustard Seed Devotions by email? If not, sign up for this at http://www.lwml.org/mustard-seed-devotions It’s a short meaningful devotion that’ll break up reading all those emails.

Serving God,                                                                              

Lee Bailey


Women’s Retreat

Save the Date: November 3rd - 5th, 2017


Last year we had a great retreat at Camp Hoblitzelle!  Unfortunately, we were not able to reserve the dates or buildings that we wanted for this year.  So we are on the move again!  Thank you Lord for providing a new location only a little further down the road!  We will be meeting at Lakeview Camp and Retreat Center! Here is the link to their website if you would like to check it out, http://lakeviewcamp.net/  The Leadership team will begin meeting in June as we start the planning process for this year.   If you would like to be part of the team or have a retreat idea or theme, please speak with Kathryn Lowrey (817-709-8379). 


Save cancelled stamps (if you trim, leave 1/4” or more around stamp. If stamp is damaged it will be thrown away)  

Check bulletin board in hallway          www.lwml.org                                  www.trinityzone.weebly.com

Mites: Place your box wherever you can find it; table, car, or desk & then turn in to the LWML Treasurer