Women in Christ (LWML)

Women in Christ,

Our LWML group will be busy in November baking and cooking. On November 19th (the Sunday before Thanksgiving) we are having a bake sale to support the Lutheran Braille Workers. Plan to bake an item or two to donate. Individually wrapped items are welcome, but so are pies, rolls, cakes, loaves, etc. Bring to church by 8:30 a.m. on that Sunday. Or, make arrangements with Lea Bailey. Items will be available between services and after late service if any are left. Free will offering pricing.

The contents from Mite boxes can be returned to church any time. Just place the change in a plastic bag in the offering plate on Sunday mornings or give to one of the LWML officers (Lea Bailey, Laura Thomason, Liz Schrader, Bev Foreman, or Kathryn Lowrey).

The Trinity Zone LWML is promoting the Time Tithe campaign beginning this fall. The goal of the campaign is to encourage individuals to spend 6 minutes serving others for every 60 minutes spent on leisure activities. The Time Tithe is a commitment, like prayer, that is between an individual and the Lord God. Let’s remind and encourage one another to actively seek opportunities to serve others. It may be as simple as a conversation with someone who is lonely, baking cookies for a neighbor, offering to do yard work for someone who has difficulty doing so. P.S. Men can do this as well.

Looking ahead--mark December 3rd at 6:00 p.m. on your calendar. It’s the LWML Christmas Party at Maria Freitag’s house. More details next month.

Our yearly calendar will be in your box very soon. Dates have been confirmed.


Serving the Lord with gladness,

Lea Bailey

Save cancelled stamps (if you trim, leave 1/4” or more around stamp. If stamp is damaged it will be thrown away)  

Check bulletin board in hallway          www.lwml.org                                  www.trinityzone.weebly.com

Mites: Place your box wherever you can find it; table, car, or desk & then turn in to the LWML Treasurer