Belize Mission

Are you interested in joining us in Belize this year? Watch the bulletin for more details.

Have questions? Come talk to me!!


Donna Peck



Dallas Missionary Kids

Your ongoing support for this ministry means a great deal to us.  We are blessed by your prayers and financial contributions. Please know how much you are appreciated.

In His service,

Connie Strand



 Braille Mission


Do you know we have a dedicated group of members from the Holy Cross that help with putting books of the Bible in Braille together each Tuesday of the month at Grace Lutheran Church in Arlington? They have faithfully served in this ministry for many years. With their help, people who are blind or visually impaired are able to learn of the Good News of Jesus Christ. What a wonderful gift to give someone!! We are called to spread the Good News of the Gospel to all, not just those who may worship with us on a Sunday morning or those we meet as we go about our daily routine. This is a vital ministry to help others learn of God’s love his ultimate sacrifice for our salvation.

 I hear they have a lot of fun each week as they work on these bibles and as they fellowship together! If you would like more information about this ministry, please contact Lolita Johnson and she will be happy to discuss this ministry with you.


Gebauer Mission



Caleb Robbins Mission


Follow Caleb's Misson on his blog at Candid Caleb- http://calebrobbins.blogspot.com/

Hope for the Nations