Belize Mission

Thank you to all who purchased popcorn!  Our team made $1532!! 

 Also, start gathering all of the sensitive documents that you want safely destroyed, we will be having a Shred Day on April 18th, 2020. More information to come.

 Are you interested in joining us in Belize this year?  In January we will have a brief meeting after church (date to be determined) to see who is interested in going on the 2020 trip.  Watch the bulletin for more details.

Have questions? Come talk to me!!


Donna Peck



Dallas Missionary Kids

Your ongoing support for this ministry means a great deal to us.  We are blessed by your prayers and financial contributions. Please know how much you are appreciated.

In His service,

Connie Strand



 Braille Mission


On behalf of the Braille Team, “Merry Christmas” and have a “Terrific 2020”.  Blessings to all!

We will not have Braille Workshop in December.  When we start up again in January, we will be starting our 22nd year at Grace.  In 2019 the LBW brought back eight languages for Braille production.  We have orders for 500 Indonesian Bibles and 700 Kiswahili  (a Bantu language and the first language of the Swahili people) Bibles.  Plus all the other thousands of requests. So Braille Workers are very busy.

Thank you for supporting this LWML Mission.

Lolita Johnson




Caleb Robbins Mission


Follow Caleb's Misson on his blog at Candid Caleb- http://calebrobbins.blogspot.com/

Hope for the Nations