News From Belize Mission Trip August 2017

What a blessed week our mission team from Holy Cross and Zion Lutheran Churches experienced in Seine Bight, Belize!  Miracles and God's presence were evident from start to finish!  Part of the team experienced flight issues both going and coming, some were subject to additional screenings in the airports, but our team never waivered in trusting God to work out the details. 

We delivered 110 pairs of canvas shoes, 40 flip-flops, 200 t-shirts and countless school and teacher supplies to the elementary school in Seine Bight.  We prepped and painted five classrooms.  We fitted many residents with eyeglasses and made home visits to those with special needs.  We had Children's ministry with an average of 60 children at the school each morning and an average of 20 children at a village home in the afternoons.  We had a record number of men attend the daily men's Bible study and heard testimony from one of those men that we thought we'd never reach!  Praise and thanksgiving to the Holy Spirit for this wonderful intervention!  We averaged 6 ladies in morning and afternoon Women's Bible studies.  Again, the Holy Spirit was at work, bringing the cultures of Mayan's and Garifuna under one roof and talking openly about the struggles that each culture faces, something that had not happened prior to this trip. 

On Friday we left the village and drove to Octavia Waight one of only 3 retirement homes in the country.  We took them medical supplies, reading glasses and snacks, got to see their physical therapy room,  and spent a short time visiting and singing with the residents.  

We also heard the testimony from two young men from the village and from many of the ladies that their journey with God would not have been possible if it were not for Ms. Sue and the countless number of people who have gone to Seine Bight to spread the Good News.  Thank you so much to all of you have contributed your time, treasures and talents to making this trip possible!  Please continue to keep the people of Seine Bight in your prayers, to guard them against false prophets and to bless the ministry of the pastors and missionaries that serve them.


Caleb Robbins Mission


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Dallas Missionary Kids Retreat Coming Soon!


For the past few years you have generously donated snacks to be used for the Dallas Missionary Kids youth group (led by Caleb Robbins) at their annual Labor Day retreat.  This has been a huge blessing to the youth and a major savings on the retreat budget.  If you would like to help us again this year, please provide individually wrapped snacks such as trail mix, granola bars, chips, fruit snacks, snack crackers, cookies, juice drinks, etc.  There will be a collection table set up in the plaza at church on Sundays from August 6th to August 27th.  We keep these kids very busy during the retreat, and they get hungry between meals. The donated snacks help them stay energized, focused, and happy.  Your support is very much appreciated.  Please keep the youth, their leaders, and the retreat in your prayers.  Above all, we want the kids to grow closer to their Lord and more eager to worship and serve Him.

In His service, 

Connie Strand

Dallas MK volunteer