Belize Mission


Are you interested in going on this year’s mission trip?  Do you have questions about what we do in Belize?  How much will it cost?  Our trip this year will be July 27th thru August 3rd.  Join us after the late service on Sunday, February 10th, to ask any questions you might have about what we do, where we stay, what the weather is like, etc.  I will be looking for firm commitments by March 1st! 

Mark your calendars for upcoming fundraisers: Saturday, March 23rd, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Shred Day; and Trivia Night (date to be determined). Start forming your teams!! More information in future newsletters.

Have questions? Come talk to me!!


Donna Peck



Dallas Missionary Kids

The Labor Day weekend retreat for the Dallas Missionary Kids was a huge success. Caleb Robbins presented some amazing messages, and they really hit home with a theme of resting in the Lord. We were led in wonderful worship by Pete Isenberg, a long-time friend, an associate of Caleb's. Nearly fifty adults, teens, and children participated in the retreat. The event also included fun games and activities, time for personal Bible study and devotion, and lots of fellowships. Thanks to your generosity, the teens had more than enough snacks to enjoy throughout the weekend. We are very grateful for your food donations. They saved a huge amount on the retreat budget. The Lord continues to grow and bless this Missionary Kids ministry. Your support is an important part of the blessing. Please keep Caleb Robbins, his leadership team, the youth, and their families in your ongoing prayers. Thank you.


 Braille Mission

Hope Your New Year Is Off To A Good Start!  

Holy Cross Braille Team Presses are off and running.  We are starting our 21st year of making volumes of Braille Books of the Bible.  Lutheran Braille Workers Inc. celebrated 75 years of Braille, Large Print material, such as Portals of Prayer, etc., and Audio.  All materials can be ordered, free of cost, for anyone that needs them.  Simply contact LBWinc.org or call 1 800 925 6092 or write to LBW PO Box 5000 Yucaipa, CA  92399.  

We learned recently that Braille Center #117 of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Paradise, CA was destroyed (as was the church and parsonage) in the Camp Fire in November.  It would have celebrated its 40th anniversary on November 26th.  Pray for that church family as it prepares the clean-up. The only thing left was the big wooden cross that stood outside in the front at the driveway. This can be seen on the web at Our Savior Lutheran Church, Paradise CA.  It's amazing!!

This Month the LBW President, Rev. Dennis Sueve, is retiring after 15 years at LBW.  He "Thanks" all the people that have helped support the LBW for the 75 years that it has been functioning.  We have made a difference in the lives of several thousand of people all over the world.  Let's keep it up!! Thank You!

Now for some good news!!  LBW have finally, after years of trying, been given permission to provide Books of the Bible and other Large Print materials to prisons. Before we couldn't because of the plastic binders on books.  A hazardous material. So, we now put tape binders, which have been okayed. Thank you, Lord!  Thy do need facilities for producing these materials so if you know of a church or facility that would be interested in starting a Work Center please contact LBW or myself.

Have a Very Special and Blessed 2019!

Lolita Johnson


Caleb Robbins Mission


Follow Caleb's Misson on his blog at Candid Caleb- http://calebrobbins.blogspot.com/

Hope for the Nations