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Belize Mission Trip News

Thanks to all who came out on September 27th to El Pollo Loco to support our 2020 fundraising efforts!  We'll get 50% of the proceeds!

Our next fundraiser is a craft day on October 5th at 9:00 a.m. at Holy Cross Lutheran Church (plaza area).  Mrs. Dena Owens will be walking us through the process of Chalk Couture.  Cost is $30 and you will go home with a stand-up 5x7 board with designs on each side.  There will be several designs to choose from and the process is super easy - come join us for a morning of fun!

Also during the month of October team members will be selling gourmet popcorn.  We had great success with this last year and we get 50% of the proceeds - it's also yummy popcorn!

A shred day will be coming soon - we're hoping to have yard signs that you can use to advertise the event in your neighborhood.  More information will be in the bulletin, announcements, and email.


Donna Peck


Dallas Missionary Kids

Dear Members Holy Cross,

The Dallas MK leaders and youth want to thank you for your very generous donations of snacks for the Labor Day Weekend retreat.  The kids were thrilled to see so many goodies and thoroughly enjoyed snacking on them throughout the weekend. I saw the leaders munching too (myself included).

Your ongoing support for this ministry means a great deal to us.  We are blessed by your prayers and financial contributions. Please know how much you are appreciated.

In His service,

Connie Strand



 Braille Mission

 Time is slipping right past me!!  Here it is October already. (Time flies when you’re maturing?)

September started the 22nd year of the "Press" for Braille at Grace Lutheran Church, Arlington. During those years many  Books of the Bible, Prayer Books, and Children's books of Braille have gone out to many needing to have books so they  can  "Touch the Word of God."  What a Mission!!

By the way, ladies, have you had a chance to read the new LWML Quarterly?  There are a lot of pictures of the 2019 Convention in Mobile, Alabama. Looks like they had quite a time! There were 3,104 in attendance.  (I remember when I and 3 other ladies went to the 1973 Mobile Convention from Michigan. One night most of the 2 thousand ladies marched down the street singing and holding our "Little Lights".  (small flashlights that were in our packet) townspeople must have thought we hit the Communion wine a little hard.  But it was fun!!)  

The Mission Grants awarded at the 2019 Convention (which comes strictly from 'The Mighty Mites') amounts to $2,100,000 for 2019-2020.  One of the Grants is $100,000 for the Lutheran Braille Workers titled 'Touching the Living Word'. So we have a BIG amount to fill for the next bi-annual.  Keep those mites coming!!

Keep in mind that the next Convention in 2020  is in Lexington, Kentucky.  Maybe you can attend?  Think about it!  You'll have a great time!!!


Lolita Johnson



Caleb Robbins Mission


Follow Caleb's Misson on his blog at Candid Caleb- http://calebrobbins.blogspot.com/

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