Belize Mission Trip 


Thank you on behalf of the Belize Mission Trip members for your awesome support of our Third Annual Trivia Night.  The trophy went to Team 5 - John Honeycutt, Sue Dorn, Connie Strand, Liz Schrader (and Skye) and Don Rawe!  Through your generous support, we raised almost $800 toward our trip fees!  Watch for announcements on upcoming fundraisers in the weeks ahead.  




Caleb Robbins Mission


Follow Caleb's Misson on his blog at Candid Caleb- http://calebrobbins.blogspot.com/

Hope for the Nations





Dallas Missionary Kids Retreat Coming Soon!


For the past few years you have generously donated snacks to be used for the Dallas Missionary Kids youth group (led by Caleb Robbins) at their annual Labor Day retreat.  This has been a huge blessing to the youth and a major savings on the retreat budget.  If you would like to help us again this year, please provide individually wrapped snacks such as trail mix, granola bars, chips, fruit snacks, snack crackers, cookies, juice drinks, etc.  There will be a collection table set up in the plaza at church on Sundays from August 6th to August 27th.  We keep these kids very busy during the retreat, and they get hungry between meals. The donated snacks help them stay energized, focused, and happy.  Your support is very much appreciated.  Please keep the youth, their leaders, and the retreat in your prayers.  Above all, we want the kids to grow closer to their Lord and more eager to worship and serve Him.

In His service, 

Connie Strand

Dallas MK volunteer