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In the heart of every Lutheran congregation lies a steadfast commitment to healthy relationships, a Godly culture, and generous living. In a world driven by changing economies and financial constraints, Holy Cross finds itself grappling with maintaining its mission on a tight budget. While we continue to see a spirit of generosity from all the great people at Holy Cross, we see a noticeable increase in cost and a challenging disparity between the offerings coming in and our monthly expenses and obligations. In the face of such challenges, there is an opportunity for us to rekindle our spirit of generosity and strengthen our bonds as a community of faith. 

January to April 2024, the Holy Cross General Fund Offerings, which represent giving by our full-time members and is the foundation on which our ability to pay our regular and reoccurring bills is based, is averaging about $2,000 les per month than projected. While Holy Cross has a healthy savings reserve to help weather unexpected storms, church leaders understand the long-term stewardship implications of paying monthly expenses with savings and wanted to be transparent with our members about our current financial situation. 

One of the core principles of Lutheran theology is the idea that every person is called by God to serve their neighbor in their unique circumstances. This includes stewardship of our three “T’s;” our Time, our Talent and our Treasure. While it may seem daunting to give financially when funds are tight, we are reminded of the widow in Mark 12:41-44, who, though she had little, gave all she had to support the temple. Her act of sacrificial giving serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative impact of generosity, regardless of one's financial situation. 

 Supporting Holy Cross is not just about meeting budgetary needs; it's about investing in the spiritual growth and well-being of our community. Through our generosity, we enable our church to proclaim the Gospel, administer the sacraments and share the love of Jesus. Whether it's serving our neighbor, comforting the grieving, or supporting a variety of mission opportunities, our collective efforts as a congregation have the power to make a tangible difference in the lives of others. 

So, how can we support our church as inflation rises and our budgets get tight? Begin with a commitment to prayerfully discern our financial priorities and being intentional about supporting the work of God through Holy Cross. It may require making sacrifices in other areas of our lives, but the rewards of investing in our spiritual community far outweigh the here and now. You may also want to try one of our new and highly secure, giving platforms. Holy Cross now has options to give by texting, (855) 734-2074, through our secure web portal or by app. Simply navigate to and click on “Give” where you will be able to donate online or download the app. One advantage to online giving is that your gift can be set up on a recurring basis even if you are out of town or watching online. 

While it's natural to feel apprehensive about supporting the church when the economy tightens up, remember that our God is a God of abundance who provides for our every need. As we embrace the spirit of generosity and commit to supporting our church with joyful hearts, we   ensure the continued vitality of our congregation, deepen our own faith journey and strengthen the bonds of our Holy Cross community! Together, let us sow seeds of generosity that will yield a bountiful harvest of blessings for generations to come! 


Pastor Luke and the Holy Cross Board of Directors