The Most Important Things to Know

What is it like?

Our worship service is a time for us to come together as a community of believers, meet Jesus in His Word and Supper, respond to Him with prayer, praise and thanksgiving and connect with each other to embrace the story of Jesus and the impact He has on our daily lives. You will find our services are created to proclaim the story of Jesus in our music, sermons, and even the worship service that shapes our gatherings. Our style is a blended style of worship, taking the best of what the ancient and modern church has to offer.

What about my kids?

Jesus loves little children and so do we. We believe one of the three main themes of the Bible is relationships, and a relationship between Jesus, you and your family, is one of the most important things you can offer those you love so very much. We encourage you to bring your entire family with you to worship. When you walk through the main entrance, there are activity bags hanging on the side of the welcome center for our younger guests. If your child makes a little noise, don't worry about it. The Bible says, "Make a joyful noise to the Lord." If your child gets to a point where they need extra attention and other guests are struggling to hear, don't feel embarrased if you have to take them into the Plaza or another room for a bit. We've all been there, it's a normal and natural part of being a parent. When they're ready, bring them back so they continue to become familar with God's Word and how we worship Jesus. 

What do I wear?

At Holy Cross, you will find that people dress differently based on their personal style preferences and views on worship. Because we have a blended worship experience, where we take the best of what the ancient and modern church has to offer, our pastor sometimes wears jeans, other times a dress coat, and occasionally traditional robes on special Sundays. Ultimately, though, we don’t care what you wear as long as you wear something.

How can I get connected?

Head on up to the top of the page and look in the menu bar for either the "Contact" link or the "Plan Your Visit" link.

Do I have to give an offering or tithe?

If you are visitng with us, we don't expect you to give anything. You are our guest and it's our job to serve you! Giving is someting our members commit to because they love Jesus and enjoy responding cheerfuly to all Jesus has done for them. However, we want you to be comfortable when you visit us. If giving an offering makes you feel comfortable, or is an important way that you give thanks to God when you worship, we're grateful you might want to thank and praise Jesus in that way.

Is There Sunday School and Bible Class?

Yes! Sunday School and Bible Class is available for all ages at 9:15 AM. We serve coffee and donuts before and after. If you need help finding a room, please ask an usher or greeter.